Alexander Hagerman LinkedIn Louisville, KY


I am a developer experienced in the application of technology to solve business intelligence and data engineering problems. This includes both the application of technology in established systems and applying new innovative capabilities to help processes become more reliable and sophisticated. Along with building and maintaining systems I am passionate about teaching, mentoring and giving back to the community.



Senior Software Engineer - Cloud April 2019 to Present
  • Contribute to the migration of backend services from Python 2 to Python 3.7.
  • Co-lead the ongoing effort to expand automated testing practices for Python 2 and 3 code bases.
  • Built the billing integration service for Elastic stack and the Google Cloud Platform marketplace.
  • Contribute to the development of an end to end testing framework for a customer's journey through GCP marketplace to Elastic.
  • Built a tool for migrating data from Elasticsearch to Postgres.
  • Support production incident response for billing services and clusters.


Senior Software Engineer January 2017 to March 2019
  • Architect and senior developer of the Retail Data Science Research and Development platform.
  • Lead developer of multiple Django services exposing and integrating data from cloud, hadoop and traditional data stores.
  • Mentor developers and data scientists new to Python, SQL and software development
  • Tandem development with data scientists to take proof of concept model scripts and turn them into scalable and tested Python applications
  • Introduced multiple software development practices such as version control, continuous integration and deployment, code review and dependency management
  • Developed and executed Python 2 to 3 migration strategy
  • Assisted in the development of an inner source Python ETL package
Analytic Developer July 2015 to January 2017
  • Lead developer of various Python applications to assist investigators and leadership in visualizing large and small data sets in new and effective ways such as network graphs and choropleth maps
  • Lead developer of a Python application modeling provider network data for use in fraud investigations
  • Helped develop a model to classify cases for inventory management
  • Analyzed the SIU claim review process resulting in new SIU procedures with a higher ROI and lower inventory
  • Lead the SIU data analyst team in developing a continuously growing query library to support quality, consistency and confidence in the data that investigators use while working fraud cases
  • Continuous support of the finance team to ensure that SIU financial data is available and up to date with changing processes for accurate month to month projections, costs and savings


Senior Analytic Consultant January 2015 to July 2015
  • On site consulting with clients to evaluate call center analytic needs
  • Creation of new productivity KPIs for call center clients and deployment via Microsoft BI stack
  • Lead developer of C# MVC Data Visualization dashboard for real time call center metrics
  • Lead developer in the exploration of call center processes to create meaningful metrics that resulted in Microsoft SSAS measures and dimensions to aid the client in day to day operations
Analytic Consultant January 2014 to January 2015
  • Creation of Power View, SSRS, and custom C#/HTML5 dashboards for call center management and operations
  • Train clients on business intelligence tools and concepts so that their staff could lead future BI projects and identify areas of improvement or expansion
  • Developed SSIS ETL packages, stored procedures and C# applications to pull and clean data from multiple systems into singular data warehouse solutions
Developer November 2012 to January 2014
  • Developer on SharePoint 2013 C# Applications
  • Developer on various C# MVC Applications
  • Developed custom C# CLI applications to handle SharePoint token management

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Technologies, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY, August 2011
  • MCSD Web Applications

Technical Competencies

  • Python, C#, C, SQL, bash
  • SQL Server, Postgres, Hadoop, Spark, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Netezza
  • git, gdb, Linux, docker, Jupyter
  • Software Architecture, Software Testing, Pair Programming, CI/CD

Volunteer and Open Source Experience

Code Louisville

  • Taught a range of topics relating to Python including language fundamentals, the standard library, debugging practices, OOP, Django and ETL design
  • Created the curriculum for ‘Data Analysis with Python’ cohort
  • Created example project code and documentation
  • Helped students debug projects and restructure code bases



Apache Arrow

  • and API documentation updates.
  • Subpool implementation.
  • Add hash capabilities for scalar values in Python

Firefox Mobile

  • Patch for Firefox Mobile on Android that fixed an axis lock bug