Hi, I'm Alexander

Senior Software Engineer / Mentor / Student

Currently I am a Senior Software Engineer at Elastic. I previously worked as a Senior Analytics Consultant at Aspect and as a Data Engineer at Humana working side by side with data scientist to help build systems that assist members in living healthier lives. Now I get to build tools that enable data teams to make their impact faster.

I obtained my BS in Computer Information Technology from Western Kentucky University where I focused on network hardware and database technologies.

While I enjoy building data pipelines and applications to enable analyst and data scientist to do their work; I also really enjoy getting into the source of these systems and making them hum. When I get the opportunity to profile, tune and debug a system is when the fun begins.

When I am not building large scale systems I like to find opportunities to give back via open source and my local community. I have helped develop and teach Python courses with Code Louisville for those looking to start a career in software engineering. I also like to write about my experience with different stacks, provide documentation PRs, and bug fixes to OSS projects as time permits.

Along with all of that I am happy to be a dad, husband, reader, and gardener in the making.

If you want to know more you can check out my resume or reach out at alexander@unexpectedeof.net.