A Pelican theme focused on content and accessibility.

About a month ago a friend posted in network about the problem of accessibility on sites. I admit it's not something I've thought about when writing and sharing information in the past, but that conversation has been with me since. The main way I share with others today is this blog and email. Because of that I decided to work on making sure this site is accessible to all. It's not perfect yet, instead a work in progress that I plan to iterate on and learn from.


For my site I use Pelican. It's a static generator that uses Python to take the md files I create and turn them into HTML. As part of this generation Pelican can use a theme. A theme is a collection of settings, CSS files and plugins that impact the rendering of your content. If you take a look there are a lot of themes. Before I started to create my own I wanted to check if this was a solved problem. As it turns out the themes span a spectrum of accessibility. One that got my attention was Brutalist. With a focus on simplicity and content this seemed like a good place to start. Installing was easy, but I immediately ran into the problem that this theme is setup for use with Pelican 3. Today Pelican, and my content are on version 4.

Forking and moving forward

Due to this incompatibility, some plugin issues, and differences in setup I decided to fork the Brutalist theme and start Brutale. The goal is to keep this up to date with Pelican and begin trimming out some of the extras that Brutalist supported. If you're interested in helping reach out, submit a patch set or whatever works for you. I've got the base I need for unexpectedeof.net and I plan to find time here and there to make Brutale smaller and easier to use.