What is ODBC Part 1 of 3

Posted on Sun 31 March 2019 in database • Tagged with odbc, sql, database

Looking at what ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is and why it was needed

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Subdomain SSL with Gitlab Pages

Posted on Sun 10 February 2019 in web • Tagged with gitlab, ssl, pelican, python

A quick guide to setting up subdomain ssl with Gitlab pages

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Vim and Rust in 2019

Posted on Fri 18 January 2019 in tools • Tagged with rust, vim

Setting up Vim for Rust development in 2019

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Building vim with Anaconda Python support

Posted on Wed 02 January 2019 in tooling • Tagged with python, vim, conda, anaconda, RHEL, linux

Building vim --with-python* flags from Anaconda Python environments

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Posted on Sat 22 December 2018 in python • Tagged with python, docker, conda, airflow

Using Airflow with Docker, MSSQL, Conda and RabbitMQ

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Dealing with NULL in PySpark transformations

Posted on Sat 27 October 2018 in python • Tagged with python, pyspark

When functions drop rows unexpectedly.

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DerbyPy Intro to PySpark

Posted on Thu 25 October 2018 in python • Tagged with pyspark, python, dataframes, rdds

A summary introduction to PySpark, Dataframes and RDDs.

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DerbyPy: An Introduction to Python Modules and Packages

Posted on Tue 09 October 2018 in python • Tagged with python, module, package, derbypy

Exploring the basics of Python modules and packages

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Recursive search with Python

Posted on Fri 29 June 2018 in python • Tagged with python, recursion

Writing a recursive search with Python

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Publishing with Pelcian on Windows

Posted on Sun 27 May 2018 in python • Tagged with python, pelican, blogging

Publishing to Github with Pelican on Windows

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